Coolie no 1 movie review?

Coolie no 1 movie review?

Insulted by Rosario, a wealthy businessman, Jai Kishen, an actor, teaches him a lesson by finding his daughter Raju, Coolie, who pretends to be a millionaire.

They smelled a faint odor and found Raju’s deception. Trying to close it, he cooks the story of having a rich, dirty twin. One lie leads to another and things start to go wrong with funny mistakes.

Varun Dhawan is still alive these days as he brings back the hottest songs in Bollywood. It is no secret that the actor will also star in Coolie No. 1 version.

1 and fans were expecting to see him step into Govinda’s shoes. Also the actress will be accompanied by Sara Ali Khan which has left fans very happy.

As a reality, the new film will be directed by Varun’s father David Dhawan and will be written by Farhad Samji.

While speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Farhad Samji revealed some interesting details about Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan star Coolie No. 1 remake.

Coolie no 1 movie review?
Name Cast
Varun dhawan Kunwar raaj
Sara ali khan Sarah pratap singh
Sarah tanjania Anjali anju
Sahil vaid Deepak mechanic
Johny leverInspector jagjit gadbole
Rajpal yadav Pintu mama
Paresh rawalJeffrey Rozzario
Farhad samji Plumber
Vikash ananad Mahesh Verma
Jawed jaffreySecretrey Jackson
Coolie no 1 movie review?

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Is Coolie No 1 a good movie?

He said, “People who have seen Coolie No. But there are certain elements in the story that if the film is to be released in 2020 or 2021,

depending on what the youth needs and the feature to get the audience involved, it makes sense to think logically.

“Something about Coolie No. 1 that the film focuses on impersonation entirely. Apparently, Govinda shook the role and was like a one-man army.

So as I said, when we write to Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff, we must remember their strengths and weaknesses. So when I write to Varun Dhawan,

I have to remember his power again. So there are times when we have to make changes in the scenes remembering the story trying to include more characters.

Is Coolie No 1 hit or flop?

We try to improve the story line by adding features of today’s generation to mind. I think imitation is also very helpful,

if you see Varun and Sara now, part of your work is done there. The simulation is not over yet so we are still looking at third, ”he added.

Coolie No 1 is the much-awaited project of Varun Dhawan and the actor himself has said earlier that it is not a remake of the original 1995 film but an adaptation of it.

What is the story of Coolie Number 1?

Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan will be spotted for the first time with celluloid this year. David Dhawan’s next directing role is Coolie No 1 compiling a new jodi and they will be stepping into the shoes of Govinda and Karisma Kapoor,

who played in the first match. Although the film is a modern-day practice of comedy released in the late ’90s, they modified the script slightly, keeping the main narrative unchanged.

It has totally diffrent way to understading about the story f this movie.but accrodingly my review ,that movie was an averge and totally time or waste of money,

Varun dhawan is an fully entertainment Person.that who always trying to attract Peoples,but Sometimes it has dont do from this side,

Coolie no 1 movie review?

thats why I would like to share with you true opnions about this average movie.So please save your time and money.although You should watch govinda movies as per good story about the old one guys .

Well If we disccussed about his songs that all are average and do not like by Peoples and So they are make you fool as per his old story line that always make old stories and after that Presting an average movie Guys,

Finally Coolie no 1 moviee is an average timepass movie and you must only one time watch,it has no more like by all over Peoples,Even talk about his story too much low story,

I hope you guys really like that all information given by this articles and If you really like please share your friends and want to someone who has already seaching that kind of information or Related Enquiry on google search,

So Coolie no1 one time watch masala movie and his all Chracters match old movies story and thats the measure reason that movie not be Successfully failed on ever place,

thanks for reading