dr strange multiverse of madness review?

Credit: Disney / Marvel
Strange Doctor in Various Madness is a terrifying retribution for Stephen Strange’s many magical moments with friends, though I spent the last day or so wondering if the main clash of the film really worked.

Although the film is incredibly entertaining and full of exciting twists and turns, the arc of one character left me unsatisfied. Here we say about dr strange multiverse of madness review?

There is also something of a disconnect between Spider-Man: No Way Home and Multiverse that left me feeling frustrated.

dr strange multiverse of madness cast star name

Name Cast
Benedict Cumberbatch Dr.Strange
Elizabeth Olsen Wanda Vision
Xochitl Gomez America Chivaiz
Rachel McAdams Christan
Patrick Stewart Charles Xaiver
Benedict Wong Wong
Chiwetel Ejiofor Baron Mordo
Michael Stuhlbarg Nichodemus
Yenifer Molina Gargontas
Topo Wresniwiro Hamir
John Krasinski Fantastic Four
Mark Anthony Brighton Jerry
dr strange multiverse of madness review?
dr strange multiverse of madness review?

Anyway, these are just a few of the highlights of the film, which I really enjoyed. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the awesome of Dr. Strange 2.

Robbers follow.

The basis of the film is straightforward in relation to the movies of the best heroes.

A young man, America Chavez (Xochitl Gómez) escapes the demons who want to kill him and take over his most special power: The ability to break through variety.

Chavez goes to Earth-616, a version of our planet that exists within the MCU myth, followed by a giant squid demon. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Wong (Benedict Wong) save him before he devours them.

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What is Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness about?

After some conviction, the Americans explain what happened, and how they recently tried to find a magic spell — Darkhold’s colleague, Vishanti’s Book —

along with a different version of Dr. Strange who eventually turned on him, trying to take his power instead of letting it fall into the demons’ pursuit. That Strange version is dead now.

Strange and Wong sent him to the magical castle of Kamar-Taj to protect him from the demons. They also discovered that the demon that followed Chavez was called a witch, so Strange visits an old friend: Wanda Maximoff. He thinks he can help, but he is very wrong.

Wanda seems to be living a normal life in the world, taking care of her orchard and her animals. He says he has left magic behind and expresses remorse for his actions in Westview (if you have not seen WandaVision a large part of this film will not make sense;

dr strange multiverse of madness review?

How Long Will Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness be?

Samanga tells him it’s okay. He made mistakes but corrected things.

At this point, viewers should scratch their heads. We saw Wanda with Darkhold, an evil tome of evil, at the end of WandaVision, who is clearly pursuing magic with new powers.

He is clearly lying to Strange about leaving the magic behind him, and this is even more evident when he tells her, after a while, to “bring America here” where Wanda can protect her.

When Strange appears on the street looking confused, Wanda says, “You didn’t tell me his name, did you?”

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Scarlett Witch

Credit: Disney / Marvel
Suddenly the orchard turns into a forest of dead trees, and the sky is red as blood. Deception disappears, replaced by death and decay.

This is a big twist. Wanda, it turns out, was the one who sent the demons to search for America. Wanda, apparently infected with Darkhold, is a villain.

He tells Smanga he can bring it to the girl, or the Scarlett Witch can come and get it forcibly. He will not abandon her, so Wanda goes to Kamar-Taj and destroys it even though a number of witches protect her.

It’s a big twist. I certainly did not expect the Scarlett Witch to be a giant, although there were obviously many tricks along the way.

We should have blamed it when Wanda picked up Agatha’s spelling book and started reading it. Multiverse trailers hid the fact that Wanda was a bad person, but not entirely. There were traces.

dr strange multiverse of madness review?

Do I need to see no way home before multiverse of madness?

WandaVision All Again
Anyway, there is something about the foundation here that kind of bugs in me. I think it is clear that Wanda will go with a villain full of Darkhold, but have we never done all this before?

WandaVision composed a mysterious and thrilling story about Wanda taking a small town and its inhabitants to build a family that she always wanted.

Wanda practiced witchcraft so skillfully that even she forgot the truth for a while, believing that Vision (Paul Bettany) was still alive. Killing two children in the air.

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What should you watch before Dr Strange multiverse of madness?

Creating falsehood in the sitcoms he watched as a child. He bent down the actual cloth, took the minds of thousands of people, and wrapped up all his deception in a field of dynamic energy from which it was almost impossible to enter.

Eventually, Wanda realized that what she had done was wrong, and that at least some of her actions were influenced by Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) another powerful witch who used Wanda’s deception against her.

The problem I have with Wanda in the Multiverse is just that it sounds like we are re-learning the same place. Wanda walked,

passed over and crossed a series of moral and ethical lines to restore Vision to the dead. Eventually he had to deal with these mistakes, let go of the ghost, and leave Westview — and his fake family — for good.

Fast forward to Multiverse and the whole arc is simply repeated. Wanda, she repeats, crossed all sorts of lines to get to her real sons —

Billy and Tommy who were from other countries where they were actually born rather than united. Admittedly,

he is influenced by both his perpetual grief and the dark magic of Darkhold, but that does not really change the story’s recurring story.

I loved the arc Wanda had in WandaVision. He starts not knowing what is going on like everyone else.