Best rating movie “Jersey movie review?” 2.5 star rating

Jersey film actors: Shahid Kapoor, Mrunun Thakur, Pankaj Kapoor, Rituraj Singh, Ronit Kamra, Geetika MehandruJersey film director: Gowtam Tinnanuri Jersey movie ratings: 2.5 stars

A very talented cricket player, who works low-key and with an uncertain future. Their youngest son, who views his father as an idol, is the recipient of an unshakable faith.

And the secret is broken, which illuminates the loser, in fact, the winner, not only his family, but also his friends and other players. here we discuss about Jersey movie review?

Your middle-class family, based in Chandigarh, facing dripping walls and unpaid electricity bills, as well as the weight of the housekeeper trying to find his way.

Jersey, the official repetition of the 2019 Telugu song with the same name and performed by the same director, has all the elements of an inspiring sports drama.

A leading man who takes care of an important secret that restrains his sports ambitions. The real action of cricket in Ranji provincial games,

minor disputes between players, politics among Indian team voters between players, politics among Indian team voters. And the persistence of keeping the key low, which quickly makes everything related.

Jersey movie review?

But the film was significantly extended in 172 minutes, and the hero is very much a hangdog: ‘Jersey’ needed a little wake-up call to keep us engaged all the way.

Initially, the lead man is in his forties, and the main relationship between father and son (Kamra was also in the Telugu film) is very controversial. In the Hindi remake,

Arjun Talwar is young, 35 years old. And the worship of a hero between him and his son does not change, in spite of everything.

It would be nice to have more texture in the interaction between Talwar Sr. and Jr., as it is in the area between Arjun and Vidya,

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starting from a young age to the sober realization that life cannot be lived in love only with a new spirit.

The film is based on a sequence between Shahid and his real father playing his insignificant coach and mentor. Pankaj Kapoor brings in a well-functioning,

Jersey movie cast star name

Name Cast
Shahid KapoorArjun talwar
Mrunal ThakurVidya talwar
Pankaj KapurMadhav Sharma
Geetika MehandruJasleen Shergill
Rudrashish MajumderRudra juneja
Shishir SharmaAtul
Vinay VarmaKrishna Rao
Shivamm SharmaRajendra
Jersey movie review?

Jersey movie review?

comfortable, expressive son-in-law, who looks very strong when he smashes four and six on the field, and is terrified. The reason for his slip on the scales has been left out as a major exposure to remodeling,

but it comes too late: the original version gave us premature advice, and that helped us to understand the depth of heroic pain. Here,

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the plot gives Shahid very few times to lower his alertness and show us his dangerous side: many of which would have left a definite effect.

The emotional ending, even though it sounds like a last minute, provides the important drama that a film like this needs. . All in all, however, the Jersey comes out honestly but is irrational.

Is the Jersey film a real story?

Is the Jersey film a real story?

Vaibhav played the role of Gagan Sharma’s right leg spinner in the movie. He said his role was highlighted in the second part of the film.

“All the time I spent with Shahid and the other actors I was with was amazing. I learned a lot from my fellow actors, especially Shahid, who did not play the role of Arjun but lived it to the full, ”he said.

Other than that, Jersey is not just a film for me, it was emotional. I feel privileged to receive this gift. I have always received a very positive response from people. They appreciate my work, ”he said.

He said the film inspires everyone. It is based on the story of a talented but failed cricketer – Arjun, who decides to return to cricket at the age of 30, driven by the desire to represent the Indian cricket team and fulfill his son’s dream of a jersey as a gift.

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He said April 22 was a lucky day for him as the day was not only released by Jersey, but released ‘Operation Romeo’, the sweetness of love, in which he made cameo.

A resident of Guru Nanak Pura (West), here Vaibhav said after doing these two great projects, he hopes to find other such offers. He said before that, he had already appeared in many webinars, commercials on television

Jersey movie review?
Jersey movie review?

What is the Jersey film about?

After Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor returns to the big screen with Jersey, almost three years after his last film was released. And you do not feel that he has changed at all,

at least in terms of his appearance. However, his Arjun Talwar in Jersey is calm and self-conscious that the noisy, angry Kabir Singh.

Playing a talented but unsuccessful cricket player, a spotted father, and a husband who is struggling to save his marriage from collapse,

he carries a film on his talented shoulders. While hitting it in the park every time he is on the stage, the film shines through the episodes and with distorted narratives,

it often loses speed. (Read also: Jersey celebrity reviews: Shahid Kapoor gets praise from ‘lil bro’ Ishaan Khatter, Varun Dhawan and others)

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Jersey movie review?

The Hindi version of the 2019 Telugu film of the same name, Jersey was written and directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, who also starred in the original.

And there is no prize for guessing, the remake is a scene with a real copy, like many other southern Indian films re-created by Bollywood.

Jersey traces the legend of the talented Ranji player Arjun Talwar (Shahid Kapoor), who left cricket at the age of 26 and after 10 years,

decides to resume his career and return to the sport. Arjun wants to fulfill his son Kititu (Ronit Kamra) jersey dream and dream of seeing his father play cricket.