ms. marvel Review?

ms. marvel Review?

“Ms. Marvel, ”including the first MCU Muslim warrior, has been bombed in IMDb despite receiving rave reviews from critics.

Launched yesterday at Disney’s broadcast site, the series is riddled with negative reviews on IMDb, which has resulted in a total rating of 6.5 out of 10 from this writing,

the lowest rating for any MCU show. More than 23 percent of the show reviews gave a rating of 1, while 41 percent gave a rating of 10. Critics are proposing this kind of divisive distribution point for review — bombings on hostile viewers.

The conflict between the ratings from the crowd sources and the reviews of the critics also suggests that there is more going on than the viewers simply dislike the new show.

For Rotten Tomatoes, the show currently has an amazing 95 percent, making it the second highest rated film or MCU show to date.

While the reason for the one-star update to IMDb updates is hard to pinpoint, this is not the time to start something like this in a Marvel product.

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ms. marvel Review?

How did Ms. Marvel get her powers?

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The practice of revising the bombing – which, as its name implies, is a bombing of a film with negative reviews – has been on the rise in recent years, marked by projects that show Hollywood’s deep conscience in representation.

ms. marvel Review?

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Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel works as a representative in many fields. The character is a Muslim, South Asian girl who enters a superhero scene starring primarily on screen by white male actors named Chris.

Chloe Zhao’s “Eternals” was also the victim of a bomb review after her first game, as did “Captain Marvel,” one of the few MCU long films focusing on a female hero.

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What is Kamala Khan power?

Ms. Marvel is currently not just the most updated MCU series on Disney Plus, but at 97% of Rotten Tomatoes from critics, that is more than 96% of Black Panther, meaning a highly updated MCU show or movie … for now.

That is why it is noteworthy that Ms. Marvel is actually a low-key MCU series on IMDB based on user star ratings. And yes, the answer is a review-bomb.

“It’s not a review-bombing if people don’t like it,” some will say, but if you look at the data, it’s impossible not to see what happened to Ms. Marvel as an outsider with a vicious background.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe presented its latest contribution on Wednesday with Ms. The red-faced Marvel will first appear on Disney +.

How did Kamala get her powers?

After looking at it, I would say this: I thought it was very beautiful. Well, I say. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in MCU history.

That is why it is well worth 97% of its Rotten Tomatoes. After just one episode, it is the highest quality MCU property ever on site eliminating Black Panther by 96%. I’m not sure this will last long, but it certainly is a good sign going on in the series.

It is also part of the reason why IMDb user criticism points in the series are surprisingly frustrating.

Ms. Marvel currently has 6.6 ratings on that arena, actually the lowest of any MCU property in the Disney + area. The Falcon and Winter Soldier are slightly ahead of it by 7.2.

That number is Ms. Marvel at first confused me a little. How could such a highly esteemed series lack such character in humans? It did not take long to find the answer to that question after digging for a few minutes.

Most of the current reviews in the 10-star series, which well illustrates the series going forward. But there are also more than 2,000 1 star reviews.

How did Kamala get her powers?

What is Ms. Marvel weakness?

If that sounds strange to you, don’t worry. You do not stumble. Icon. This is very clear in the nature of the review bomb.

For those of you who do not know, a review bomb is where a large number of people across the internet plot against a series or product for one reason or another to leave a host of negative reviews in it.

More often than not, those updates are not guaranteed. Often it is because of a certain political or ideological ideology that some people are offended by. At times,

they even manifest hatred. For example, recently, the new Star Wars series of Obi-Wan Kenobi was bombed after Lucasfilm called on viewers by sending the main character Moses Ingram racist messages via Instagram.

His colleagues also supported him, and the audience did not like that. So they bombed it.

The series has 57% audience points on Rotten Tomatoes, but 88% are real critics on site. The difference is obvious. That’s exactly what we see with Ms. Marvel here.

How strong is Ms. Marvel?

Now, some of you might say, “Oh, wait. Is it possible that people may not like the series? ” That is a valid question. Absolutely. I, myself, like to believe in the good in people, too.

And of course, maybe the series is like a cartoon. He finds his strength in a strange way (I won’t waste it here) which is not really true for his character in comedy.

But that is certainly not a reason for everyone to complain. All you have to do is read the review.

Here is a beautiful one.

“It’s a good show when you’re a kid, but the worst reality is playing. Can we do good shows and leave all politics in it? Marvel is very bad. “

Ah, yes. A classic political trope. Because there is something political about putting colored people on cameras. But wait, all of you. There is more.

“One of the Worst Marvel programs I have ever seen. If the spectacle continues with this kind of religious and cosmic spectacle, then miracles will surely be lost to the spectators! ”

How strong is Ms. Marvel?

Who is Ms. Marvel arch enemy?

All right. Putting religion into the MCU in the form of a 16-year-old girl, a Muslim, is problematic. But, you know, when Steve Rogers talks about God, that’s fine.

Hopefully buddy isn’t looking forward to Thor’s next film. Many gods and many murders in that. Let’s do something in good measure.

“I feel as if everyone over the age of 10 could be embarrassed to look at this thing in front of other people. Sadly this seems to be the norm for all Disney + shows. “

Anyone over the age of 10, huh? It almost seems you shouldn’t have adult expectations with a limited TV-14 TV program.

You can go and find all of this on the IMDb series page. They are there. And there are thousands of other commenters like them, who complain about a very childish or cartoon program or a very Islamic or Brown.

And it’s all trash. It’s all just hate. It is completely absurd and baseless. These people do not really hate the game – they hate the idea of ​​the show and there is actually a moment in the episode that speaks directly to this.

ms. marvel Review?

Kamala Khan (played by Pakistani-Canadian actor Iman Vellani) sits on the roof with his best friend, Bruno Carrelli, after an argument with his parents.

They have a deep heart, and in your midst, he says “It’s not really the Brown girls from Jersey who are saving the world.”

This is not just Kamala having a conversation with Bruno — it is a program that speaks directly to us, too. They let us know that all heroes are not Captain America or Spider-Man or Iron Man. They don’t have to be that.

ms. marvel Review?

It could be 16-year-old Muslim girls in Jersey City, too. Like Kamala Khan. And they let us know that with Bruno’s response.

“They certainly do. He is Kamala Khan. Do you want to save the world? Then he will save the earth. “

If you hate that? OK. Whatever. Don’t look at it. But that is not politics. That is true. Do not try to destroy the fun of others because you cannot accept that. Nothing that the show does can be as childish as the idea of ​​those viewers.