Giuliani is instructed to travel to Georgia by bus, train, or Uber.

The judge also instructed the prosecution to inform Mr. Giuliani, 78, whether he was a target of the criminal investigation during a hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

At least 17 additional persons have already been informed by Fani T. Willis' office, the district attorney for the Atlanta area.

They are being targeted, two state senators, the state Republican Party chairman included.

Mr. Giuliani might exercise his Fifth Amendment right and refuse to testify after potentially taking a long road trip if he is thought to be a target.

The judge added that if Mr. Giuliani's doctor presented a strong enough medical justification, he may reevaluate the Aug. 17 date.

Mr. Giuliani's attorney, William H. Thomas Jr., stated during the hearing that his client would be open to a remote interview using Zoom.

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