The Top 10 Must-Try Street Foods From Around The Globe

Foodies who love exploring various cuisines should try some of the delectable street food offerings from around the globe. Not only is street food delicious and budget-friendly; from spicy Indian chaat to Mexican empanadas there’s sure to be something that suits every palette!

Street food from around the globe varies significantly by country and can offer unique experiences and flavors. Some must-try street foods from across the globe include crispy falafel from Lebanon, flavorful pad Thai from Thailand and succulent kebabs from Turkey.

1) Currywurst In Berlin

Currywurst In Berlin
Currywurst In Berlin

Currywurst is an essential experience when visiting Berlin, Germany. The simple dish consists of grilled or fried sausage served sliced with a curry-flavored ketchup sauce – often alongside fries or bread rolls for maximum enjoyment!

Currywurst can trace its origins back to the 1940s, and since then has become an immensely popular street food item both locals and visitors. A great place in Berlin to try this delicacy is Curry 36; one of Berlin’s premier street food vendors that has been offering up this delectable dish for more than three decades now. Their in-house-crafted sausage comes with an aromatic curry sauce from their special family recipe!

2) Bánh Mi In Vietnam

Bánh Mi In Vietnam
Bánh Mi In Vietnam

Banh mi is a delicious street food staple in Vietnam that blends French and Vietnamese culinary influences. Essentially it consists of a baguette filled with various ingredients such as grilled pork, pate, pickled vegetables and chili sauce for maximum enjoyment!

Banh mi sandwiches are typically prepared using fresh herbs and cucumbers as accompaniment. One of the best places in Vietnam to experience banh mi is Banh Mi Phuong in Hoi An, serving up this popular sandwich for over 20 years and becoming a favorite among both locals and visitors alike.

3) Supplí In Rome

Supplí In Rome
Supplí In Rome

Suppli is a must-try when visiting Rome, Italy. A fried rice ball filled with mozzarella cheese and often meat or vegetables before being coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to crispy perfection is known as Supplizio; one of Rome’s premier street food vendors that specializes in this treat.

Supplizio’s suppli is made with premium ingredients for maximum flavor. Plus, their menu offers other delicious Italian street foods for quick and satisfying lunch or dinner options!

4) Arepas In Columbia And Venezuela

Arepas In Columbia And Venezuela
Arepas In Columbia And Venezuela

Arepas are an iconic street food staple of Colombia and Venezuela, and should be experienced first-hand when visiting either country. Made from cornmeal dough stuffed with all sorts of goodies such as meat, cheese, or vegetables.

One of the best places in Colombia and Venezuela to experience authentic arepas is La Casa de las Arepas, an established street food vendor offering them for over 30 years. Made with only high-grade ingredients and packed full of flavorful arepas.

5) Haluhalo In The Philippines

Haluhalo In The Philippines
Haluhalo In The Philippines

Haluhalo, a popular street food in the Philippines and an absolute must-try when visiting, consists of shaved ice mixed with milk, sweet beans, fruits, and jellies layered on top.

Razon’s, an established street food vendor for over three decades, offers some of the best haluhalo in the Philippines.

6) Bao In Taiwan

Bao In Taiwan
Bao In Taiwan

Bao is an iconic Taiwanese street food and should not be missed when visiting this island nation. A steamed bun filled with different ingredients such as pork, chicken or vegetables often comes served with either sweet or savory sauce – an excellent place for experiencing bao in Taiwan would be at Yong Kang Street – one of Taipei’s popular street food destinations.

Street vendors selling an assortment of Taiwanese street foods – especially bao! Bao makes for an easy and quick meal while exploring Taiwan.

7) Rou Jia Mo In China

Rou Jia Mo In China
Rou Jia Mo In China

Rou Jia Mo, or Ruyia Mo, is a traditional street food in China that’s an absolute must for visitors. This sandwich-like treat consists of a flatbread filled with various meats such as pork, beef or lamb that has an irresistibly delicious crunch!

Yang Rou Pao Mo is one of the best places in China to experience authentic rou jia mo, made with high-quality ingredients and offering delicious flavor! Their sandwich has an irresistibly spicy sauce. For an exceptional dining experience in Xi’an, make your way over to Yang Rou Pao Mo for some delicious street food vendor fare that features this delicacy!

8) “Bunny Chow” In Durban, South Africa

“Bunny Chow” In Durban, South Africa
“bunny Chow” In Durban, South Africa

“Bunny Chow” is an iconic street food dish in Durban, South Africa and must-eat when visiting. This particular type of curry comes served inside an hollowed-out loaf of bread and often features chicken or mutton alongside pickles for extra zest!

Capsicum Restaurant has long been one of the go-to spots in Durban for delicious “Bunny Chow”, serving it for over 30 years on their popular street food vendor stand.

9) Bhel Puri In India

Bhel Puri In India
Bhel Puri In India

Bhel Puri in India When visiting India, one must try the delicious street food known as Bhel puri. A type of chaat that includes puffed rice, vegetables and various chutneys served in a paper cone topped with sev – an edible crispy noodle.

Elco Pani Puri Center in Mumbai offers some of the finest bhel puris available anywhere, made with high-grade ingredients that boast bold flavors.

10) Bungeo-Ppang In South Korea

Bungeo-ppang is an iconic street food in South Korea that must be experienced. This unique pastry features the shape of a fish filled with sweet red bean paste for an irresistibly delicious treat that makes an excellent treat during winter months.

Gwangjang Market in Seoul is an ideal place to experience South Korean bungeo-ppang. This popular street food market features vendors selling various Korean street foods including bungeo-ppang.


Exploring international street foods is an enjoyable and educational way to experience various cultures and cuisines. From India’s spicy chaat to Mexico’s delicious empanadas, there’s something delicious out there for everyone – with every country boasting their own distinctive tastes and combinations.

Try some of the world’s must-try street foods like currywurst in Berlin, banh mi in Vietnam, suppli in Rome and arepas in Columbia and Venezuela – these will all leave an unforgettable culinary memory!

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